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Pet Loss and Grief Support

If you’ve endured the loss of a pet, you understand the immense emptiness that resonates within your being. You are filled with a sensation that couldn’t be further from the joy stimulated by those moments you experienced with your loving friends. It is easy to momentarily forget everything that they have taught you and what they might want for you in these sad moments. However, your beloved is not gone forever. This is where you must follow their lead to “The Rainbow Bridge”.

This website and book was created to bring peace and a sense of knowing to those who feel that they have lost someone significant in their lives that this is not the end. We offer support during your time of grief and loss by helping you focus on the happy moments shared with your beloved before they departed to the other side of the Rainbow. Here you may find comforting links for counselling you through pet loss and coping with the sorrow of not having your special cat, dog, or loving animal companion.

Much like our pets were there to remind us about the practice of joy, this book and I are here to remind you that the joy will never leave you and that you are on the path, of which, they are leading the way. It is your responsibility to implement the lessons your pets have presented in every ounce of your breath and being and radiate that light to the world surrounding you.

Memorialize Your Pet with This Beautiful Book

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