Marie-France's Biography


I was born in Paris, France, at an early age my father taught me to respect and love animals and treat them as part of the family, which I have done ever since.

Most of my career has been and still is in Real Estate as a Realtor in Los Angeles, Ca. However, my life has been spent searching to recreate this feeling of joy and happiness that I’ve been exposed to from the number of animals that have blessed my life up to now. The time spent with my companions have educated me on what is real and what is important in my life.

Each time I found myself in another situation where one of my cat or dog was leaving this phase of their lives, somehow, in some way, “The Rainbow Bridge” would be presented to me, each time it gave me a sense of peace, knowing that this was not the end, as life doesn’t have an end. Instead, we move through phases and cycles that one day will lead us to the space where universal joy prevails, and that is the space where The Rainbow Bridge leads.

I hope you find the same comfort I found in this beautiful book…

See the book for yourself…