The Essence of the Rainbow Bridge

Grieving and Healing After the Loss of a Pet

The essence of joy surrounds us in every moment of our existence, however, we often choose to block this joy from effortlessly entering our being, as it so desperately wants to do. Our pets seem to understand how to allow the universal nature of joy to vibrate through their every breath without this inhibition. In their moments of pain and suffering, they still somehow manage to present us with joyous and nurturing love. They live their lives for the sole purpose of reminding us that life is about those simple moments of interaction of joyous warmth that we as humans rarely slow down to attain. Shining in your pet’s eyes is a free love, with unquestionable loyalty that allows a bond of trust and acceptance seldom seen in people.

Within the short life-span of our animals, they achieve this state of being more than we tend to in our entire existence. It would be safe to say that a large majority of these moments in our lives are brought about by their presence. Therefore, when a pet passes on to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us, we often feel empty of joy and lonely without our unconditionally loving companions. It is this sense of knowing between a pet and its owner that stimulates a feeling of loss sometimes more than the loss of another human, as the selflessness that they practiced towards us is more than most any human ever will.

As your heart moves through the pain of the loss of your best friend and the fear of never again experiencing these moments of happiness, the deep sense of emptiness that arises is unavoidable. However, in these moments, we must embrace what they have taught us and remember that they are always with us. A loved one is only gone when we cease to remember them in our hearts. The Rainbow Bridge is another reminder to help stimulate our awareness that loss is merely a concept and that joy is eternal.

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