One of my dearest cats died recently.  His name was Boris. We were best friends, play pals, and confidants. The “Rainbow Bridge” comforted me and eased my heart after reading it. I miss Boris. I will always miss Boris. He was so unique and special. This book helped me cope with the sadness of losing a beloved friend.

I highly recommend it to everyone even if you or someone you know hasn’t lost a pet yet. A time will come when the meaning of the poem will be the only thought that comforts.

Carolyn Harrison

As an only child, animals have always played a major role in my life. Seeing the gorgeous photograpy in “the Rainbow Bridge” brought back memories of my beloved horse, my beautiful collie and many precious cats. I’m looking forward to crossing that bridge

Susan Hammer

The Rainbow Bridge with its beautiful photos is so special for those of us who truly adore our animal companions. I have never had a reminder that brought me as many loving thoughts about my pets. I gave this book to my son who lost is wonderful cat “Einstein”, he has read it many times and treasures it. I will give this book to my friends who are in need of comfort.

Florence Arrowsmith
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